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"I want to become closer to Minho than we already are." -Key SHINee

"Think three times before you act." -Key SHINee

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A community that holds the fanfics from twinklespink AKA kkailee

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My name is Kai Lee. I have a passion for writing fanfics. I started writing and posting on June of 2010, even though I had many ideas for fanfics before then. I try my best to please readers, giving them what they want, relating the stories to current and true events. I enjoy reading fanfics myself, such as: "You Are Love" by finnish_pirate, "Stop This World" by jecca_09, and many other chaptered and oneshots. Some of my favorite writers in the SHINee fandom are: thinkingfood,lunathunderhead, and many others out there! I am a very proud shawol, made the week of SHINee's debut in 2008.

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